Hi I'm Carly!


Originally from the Snowy Mountains NSW, I relocated to Wagga for University.

In October 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts & Design (Graphic Design).


From a young age I have always had a passion for being creative. I’ve always enjoyed sketching and photography, to simply designing artwork on my bedroom walls. Throughout University and my professional experiences as a Graphic Designer it has allowed me to develop my style of design, I would describe my own design as contemporary. The essence of Mies’s architectural philosophy is in his famous and sometimes derided phrase, “Less is more.” having the greatest effect with the least means. I like the idea of each person being able to interpret designs/ artwork/ photography etc. in their own way.

My Logo

Growing up in the Snowy Mountains is a huge part of my life and something I am so grateful for. My logo contains a snowflake for this reason, I believe it was a symbol to best represent myself and where I'm from.